Tomb Raider, le rap


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Tomb Raider, le rap

Larap (à fromage)

Il s'appelle KadeshFlow et est un fan de Tomb Raider. Il nous livre un rap inspiré du nouveau jeu. On aurait aimé un clip un peu plus orienté sur les images du jeu... mais bon...

Pour ceux qui aiment ce genre de musique, voilà qui devrait les ravir, pour peu qu'ils en comprennent les paroles...

Tomb Raider, le rap, c'est par-là :

Quant aux paroles, les voici :

No bouts of pain or hardship can phase me/ call me Joseph, everybody thinks my dreams are crazy/ those closest to me second guess participating/ cuz we don't have any treasure coves to be raiding/ I'm just trying to survive/ firing rounds lyrically like I'm wielding dual pistols/ struggling in my youth/ but to those watching its invigorating bringing life to it like Core vs. Crystal/ so persistent but I'm feeling torn by dismissal/ nobody who supported me was warned of the risk/ trusting in my aspirations now the norm is abysmal/ their blood and their tears now adorning my fistfuls/ of dust,I'm weak/ stay frustrated cuz nobody trusts my dream/ but when they do I get em stuck/ and it's my fault that anybody's mired in this rut/ so even when I'm broken crawling know that I'm not given up/ everybody sees my future and my present/ at the same time but now is not what they expected/ looking for a strong leader but you get a struggling youth/ scrambling bleeding and confused regarding what to do/ everyday I die but my mind is resurrected/ but no Revelation or dark angels I'm projecting/ there's uncertainty wherever my feet go/ get a weak human when you expected a hero/

HOOK: Nobody can really prepare you for the struggle/ the strain and the trouble/ that'll hit you when you go and try to listen to your heart/ follow crazy dreams that you see/ when you sleep/ and that burn in you like eternal flames in the dark/ all I wanna do is try to go and make a mark/ and if I didn't fail I wouldn't know what doesn't work/ so I push forward even tho it hurts
Im not going anywhere/ (but up but up)/ so I'll just take my time here/this pain is the process I'm needing to grow/ moving forward so my progress can show

2: This was supposed to be a test of my Endurance/ success was my insurance/ but that was split in two/ and failures debilitating if your psyche isn't used/ to loss/ when responsibility already shifts and those who came along they believed in you too/ some of em want the glory for themselves call em Von Croy/ but this journey could be my reputations envoy/ first attempt crashed and burned I feel wrecked beyond joy/ I respond coy/ refuse cry tho/ life lessons remain interactive like Eidos/ my concern isn't paper stacking to the sky so/ I wanna make my mark and impact this world that I know/ survival/ is critical/ but excellence is needed/ I'm hardened cuz I have to kill these beats/ It sucks but experience is how life wants to teach/ and I'm game I'll don it like Horas armor I've got goals I'm tryin to reach











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Bon Cedric tu sauras que le Rap n'est pas un "art" apprécier par la populace du site, depuis hier c'est le seul article sur TR à 0 commentaire. smiley 34

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