Batman: Arkham Knight, un nouveau DLC et un patch sur PC


Publié le Lundi 21 décembre 2015 à 11:40:00 par Cedric Gasperini


Batman: Arkham Knight, un nouveau DLC et un patch sur PC

La chevelue pleure et la chauvre sourit

Dès demain, un nouveau DLC arrive pour Batman: Arkham Knight. Il permettra d'ajouter des missions supplémentaires et d'y rencontrer de vieux amis du justicier masqué : Killer Croc, Mister Freeze, Mad Hatter et Ra's Al Ghul. Un nouveau costume, basé sur le film de 2008, The Dark Knight, est également inclus.

D'autre part, un nouveau patch sur PC est disponible. Voici les corrections apportées :
  • Fixed some issues with stars being awarded or lost incorrectly in specific AR Challenges
  • Improved target prioritization during combat
  • Restored heavier rain during the opening section of the game
  • Fixed missing rain effects on a few remaining player character skins
  • Miscellaneous gameplay fixes and stability improvements
  • Fixes to some keyboard and mouse prompts after being rebound
  • Made frame times more consistent for 60hz monitors running at 30fps with VSync enabled
  • Previously equipped gadgets can be selected with keyboard and mouse again after restarting an AR Challenge
  • Fixed the default key binding for Harley’s Snare gadget
  • Batgirl’s Remote Hacking Device can now be properly selected with keyboard & mouse in AR Challenges
  • Minor performance optimizations for certain combinations of hardware
  • Fixed keyboard & mouse controls that did not function in DLC AR Challenges when no previous save data existed
  • Quick Photo Mode can now be triggered with keyboard and mouse controls when using the Batmobile
  • Special Combo Takedowns can now be performed with Quickfire Gadget binds if they were rebound
  • Fixed graphical corruption that may occur after Alt-Tabbing
  • Improvements and corrections to some localized text
  • Added new Classic Harley Quinn skin for use in AR Challenges & the Harley Quinn Story Pack
  • Added Arkham Knight as a playable character for AR Challenges & the Red Hood Story Pack
  • Added support for December DLC content











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